Top Tips For Shiny Hair

I’m always getting comments on my social media asking how I maintain volume and shine in my hair.

Below are my tips and tricks on how to keep your hair shiny and manageable without drying out:

  • Conditioner is a must and should be rich and moisturising without weighing your hair down. I’ve tried and tested a few and would recommend Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense.
  • Between your blow drys, a great tip is to spray Batiste Dry Hair Shampoo on your roots to refresh. It also adds tonnes of volume for your second or third day before you need to wash again.
  • I only wash my hair 2 to 3 times a week maximum to make sure it retains its natural oils.
  • I find too many products wear your hair down and end up making it look dirty before you need to wash it, so less is more.
  • Finally, for extra shine the Moroccan Hair Oil is the best and I always put a small pump rubbed between my hands and smoothed over my hair. This gives a really good shine.

I have plenty of tips for styling in between washing which will be coming soon…

xx Sophie

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