Monday Morning Motivation

Today I woke up with the usual Monday morning blues. Exhausted from a hectic weekend and not ready to take on the world. Its amazing how an effective workout can change your whole outlook on the rest of week. Met up with Nev, after I dropped the kids at school for a 45 minute intensive abs, bum and arms burn. Im not going to lie it was hard work, but once your in the zone, nothing can beat it. As soon as your endorphins kick in you feel ready to take on the world again.

Not only does your body look better, from every angle. You mind is also focussed and your productivity levels go through the roof. My advice for Monday morning is start as you mean to go on, and this is the best start.


We started off with 5 minutes of lunges, leg lifts and resistance bands (which nearly killed me). After my bum couldn’t take it any more we moved onto the arms.

8 Minutes of weights, working my biceps, triceps, shoulders and back. And all round killer. I felt instantly physically stronger after this superset of exercises.



To finish off an intensive ab work with a swiss ball, or rather tourture ball. This HURT. A good stretch to finish with a good looking trainer (thanks Nev) is the perfect finisher. I skipped out of the gym so much happier than when I walked in and was able to face the challenges of the week head on!


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