The Secret’s Out…Heated Rollers

So many people have asked what my secret is for a salon finished look in 5 minutes and the answer is my trusty set of babyliss heated rollers!  It literally takes 5 minutes to put them in and you only need to leave them in for 5-15 mins depending on how much curl you feel like that day.

I advise you ONLY to use the LARGEST ones in the set – you don’t want ringlets (not going for little house on the prairie) but you want volume and wave!

Once the rollers are cool take them out and then just shake out the curls a little to make it less curl and  more wave – don’t use a brush as all your hard work will be wasted and don’t forget that if you have thick hair the curls drop as the day or night .

Then mist your hair all over with a normal hold hairspray – my favourite is the old fashioned Elnet normal strength.

You are now ready for anything!!

To watch me do a FULL tutorial, check out my youtube video HERE!

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